1.The objective

This, ladies and gentleman, is a bone. Not just any bone. But a bone of a wild pig. They are omnivores and gather food. (bulbs, seeds, acorns, insects), they dig up the earth with the snoot and catch and eat small vertebrates. The teeth formula of the permanent teeth is as follows: I3/3; C1/1; P4/4; M3/3. The lower incisors are cylindrical and by usage they became chisel shaped, while the upper incisors are low and blunt. The length of the jaw stretches far in order to allow room for teeth and the snoot.

2. Abstraction for Survival

Attributing use, practical value to something. If you hold it like this, it could be a tool. A weapon even. I could use it to crack nuts. To hunt animals by using this point to thrust into flesh. Or I could use it as a club to smash skulls of attackers. This is what will give me power.

3. Abstraction for Pleasure

Attributing tool for self aesthetic purposes realisation of identity, appearance, beauty. I decided this bone, this bone was too beautiful to not be modified. I could not just leave it as it was. So I added these blades. These blades to cut my hair when it grows too long. It was so beautiful I wanted to wear it even. As a symbol of power and strength. When I wear it I will be protected. Protected and respected.

4. The subjective

You mean so much to me. I feel so human, so powerful holding you. You tickle my spine, with energy I do not understand, or have forgotten? You make my jaw clench, knees quiver but hands firmly gripped. Like that moment of pure adrenaline you feel before the shot. 3, 2, 1 — from mind to body you explode in power and force, the animal in you is released out its cage. I feel like this with you because to me you are REAL . Without the embellishments you would adorn to a living thing. You are simply a bone. Raw and honest truth. You are simply what you are. A bone.

Bone (2019)