Embodied Multi{(Body; Space; Time; Performance;)} - Marlot Meyer (2020)

Technology has created an interconnected, globalised world, with digital experiences reshaping our terms of existence and presenting us with bewildering opportunities and threats. Yet we feel we are moving further away from what it means to be human as we lose our connection to our bodies,nature and our immediate environment. But a disembodiement simply means a shift of focus from object to communication and interaction. What does it then mean, to be embodied in a mediated world?

Are there new possibilities that only exist in the liminal spaces between physical and virtual? The growing mistrust in online communications and digital platforms due to surveillance and data marketing is feeding our primal instinct to protect ourselves and our data. Our fear is moving us towards embracing the new and anonymous.

Due to the digital dependence of the modern day capitalist economy, we see that many of our civil actions such as banking, shopping, socializing and voting often take place in digital space. With many of these actions playing a large role in creating our identity in real life, this fear of losing privacy is a logical reaction. But the fact of the matter is that we are dependent on digital spaces.

We cannot unthink technology and our networked interdependencies, but we can think through and within these structures by understanding them. By understanding the characteristics with which we, our expressions and experiences, are transformed as they transcend this physical reality to a virtual, digital space we are able to view its plasticity as a means of collaboration, of creating new narratives with little parts of us in it. To understand that creation was never a singular activity but an expression of all that was and will be.

What I am interested in is how to investigate this further through creating artworks which facilitate the communication of physical bodies in a shared space and their digital transformation, both within the same time frame via live stream, and their evolution when the physical bodies are no longer active. I am not in favour of one conception of the body in time over the other; I do think, however, that it’s possible for one to seriously conceive of their bodies as being in two (or more) places at once. Perhaps not bodies but the expressions of their bodies, not just a physical body but the body of data and information that exists within them.