In times of trouble, we tend to look at the future to create utopian solutions, and clear away with the past and the present. But in order to connect, understand, and respond to global issues, we need to be truly present. But how can we be truly present when our body is on the chair, and our mind has wandered off into alternative worlds of boundless possibility through a screen? Our mind and body, and so our relation to the world, is out of balance. 

Information is everywhere,
yet we rely increasingly on the mind of a computer and the power of the image. We separate virtual from physical, mind from body, input from output, knowledge from feeling, technology from nature and individual from collective.  However, in LIMB-O we experience that one intimately and inescapably involves the other. That the inside and the outside are the same thing, and are continuously creating the other. It is in these liminal spaces where contrasts meet, rub and create friction;  in the uncertain in-between, where liveness is created. One cannot exist without the other.