I am Learned (2019)

Not all of us can say, with any degree of certainty,
that we have always been human, or that we are only that. The post human condition introduces a qualitative shift in our thinking about what exactly is the basic unit of common reference for our species, our polity and our relationship to the other inhabitants of this planet and perhaps other planets. This issue raises serious questions as to the very structures of our shared identity - as humans - amidst the complexity of contemporary science, politics and international relations. Discourses and representations of the non-human, anti-human , the inhumane and the posthuman proliferate and overlap in our globalized, technology mediated societies.

Who am I? I am learned.

When travelling for a long time, let alone to a different planet, you lose your sense of earth, your sense of orientation. Let alone what it physically does to your body with regards to the extreme changes to your external environment. Investigating how a person uses their sense of where they are relative to other objects and place.

Adaptation that is not innate but can be..
cats and cucumbers. Learned behavior is perpetually shaped by these forces;
intrinsic approach and avoidance motivations, the presence or absence of rewarding or punishing stimuli, and the making of associations between unconditioned (instinctually meaningful) stimuli and other things. The process of practicing over and over makes the new behavior more familiar and ultimately something that can be just performed without thought or effort.

Tool to learn habit:
Human instincts allow humans to survive in the wild.
Without human instincts people would have to learn everything that they do.
An instinct is a trait that is not learned, but passed down from generation to generation.
It is a skill that is already known and perfected without training, or practicing that skill.

Instincts are learned first through observation, then by mimicking. The ones who learned the fastest would be successful, then brought into the gene pool, kind of like a Baldwin Effect. Our bodies are designed for earths gravity. Mars 1/3 of gravity, so you weigh less, move slower, jump higher. Since nobody has ever been born on mars or even walked there, the experience would be like taking a lion to Russia and expect it to understand ice. We are completely unconditioned to this new environment. So abroad the ship to Mars will be the Habitizer, where all passengers will train to relearn their bodies within a new context, a new environment, a new world.