Initiation101 (2018)

We all have an identity.
Or at least some-things we identify with.
But what makes these fictional characters we call ourselves, become real? And when is it real? We take from cultures, gestures, experiences. We identify with something, and then call it ours. And so it becomes us. These immaterial ideas based on material objects, histories, rituals, exteriors that we use to paint a picture of who we are and what we identify with.
What would happen if we didn’t have an identity to begin with. If we were seeking for one in all the places that have been learned to us that symbolise this.
That because of this desire to please, to entertain, to keep them watching. You hand yourself over to others. Strangers behind screens. However, to you in that moment they feel real, as if they were all there, anticipating for something to happen.